The Wilde Theatre, South Hill Park

2nd - 6th November 2021 at 7.45pm

Sat. Matinée at 2.30pm

If you are anything like us, you have been counting down the days until you can finally get back to watching live theatre!!

During 2020, we all put so much work into Back to the 80's and Chicago, so we felt it would be a shame for them to pass without getting the audience they deserve. Although we are unable to do the shows in their entirety, we will be bringing some of the best bits back to the Wilde stage.

Back to the 5678..... will contain content from Back to the 80's, Chicago and Miscast III. We will also be performing some numbers from 42nd Street and Annie, which both had to be postponed due to the pandemic.


  • Director & Choreographer: Natalie Hayllor
  • Musical Director: Anton Gwilt
  • Lighting Designer: Michael Brenkley
  • Sound Design: Tom Horrox
  • Stage Manager: Andrew Cooper
  • Deputy Stage Manager: Duncan Bruce